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Ickle Pickle Productions, in our 12th year of producing theatre in Canberra, is very excited to announce auditions for Alice in Wonderland.

Directed by Jordan Best, this production uses a play adapted from the wonderful stories of Lewis Carroll, and will be a little different from Ickle Pickle’s usual January shows – not a musical per se, but essentially a play with music!

After Alice tumbles down a mysterious rabbit hole, she finds herself in a strange land where everyone is raving mad. With the help of a grinning Cheshire Cat, an astute Caterpillar, and a righteous Humpty Dumpty, Alice must find her way home and discover who she really is. A faithful version of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale that re-imagines the experience of Wonderland.

We are seeking experienced actors, singers and dancers (age 15 and up for lead roles, age 12 and up for ensemble roles) to help bring this show to Belconnen Theatre in January 2018. Please read carefully all the information below, and if you would like to book an audition email This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

·         Alice
·         White Rabbit
·         Old Squirrel
·         Fish-Footman
·         Frog-Footman
·         Duchess
·         Cook
·         Cheshire Cat
·         Mad Hatter
·         March Hare
·         Dormouse
·         Caterpillar
·         Flowers (Rose, Tiger-Lily and Daisies)
·         Tweedle Dee
·         Tweedle Dum
·         White Knight
·         Humpty Dumpty
·         General
·         Gardeners (Two, Five and Seven)
·         King of Hearts
·         Queen of Hearts
·         Soldier Cards
·         Executioner
·         Knave of Hearts
·         Alice’s Sister
·         Jury Members 

Rehearsals will be on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 6.30pm to 9pm, and Sunday afternoons 2pm to 5pm.

Rehearsal Venues

Rehearsals will be held at Ainslie Arts Centre and Belconnen Community Centre.

First Rehearsal

Tuesday 31st October, 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Final 2017 rehearsal

Thursday 21st December, then we break for Christmas/New Year.

Production Week (January 2018)

Sunday 7th              1.30pm – 6.30pm:            Tech run and rehearsal.        
Monday 8th             6pm – 10pm:                    Dress rehearsal.
Tuesday 9th             6:00pm – 10pm:               Dress rehearsal.
Wednesday 10th     6:00pm – 10pm:               Dress rehearsal.
Thursday 11th         6:00pm – 10pm:               Dress rehearsal.

Performances (Belconnen Theatre, January 2018)

Friday  12th                  7pm
Saturday 13th               2pm
Sunday 14th                  2pm
Tuesday 16th                7pm
Wednesday 17th          2pm
Thursday 18th              11am and 2pm
Friday 19th                   11am and 7pm
Saturday 20th               2pm and 7pm 

Please note

Initially, not all cast members will be required at every rehearsal; however the rehearsal schedule, and thus who will be required at each rehearsal, will develop as we progress. All cast members need to be available for all rehearsal days/times for the entire rehearsal period.
All cast members are expected to attend all rehearsals as required. Please note on your audition form any dates that you are not available, and discuss this with the Production Team. With advance notice, some absences may be managed; however unexpected absences from rehearsals cause considerable delay and inconvenience, and accordingly the Production Team reserves the right to ask any cast member absent from rehearsals to leave the production. 


Audition venue

Ainslie Arts Centre, Elouera Street, Braddon.

Audition Dates

Sunday 22nd October

Ensemble (12yrs and up): 10.30am to 1pm (30 minutes per session).

Lead roles (15yrs and up): 1:30pm – 6.30pm (30 to 40 minutes per session). 

Monday 23rd October

Lead roles (15yrs and up): 6.30pm – 8.30pm (30 to 40 minutes per session)  

Information for lead role auditionees (experienced performers aged 15+)

Auditions for lead roles will be conducted in groups of up to six people. Please allow 30 to 40 minutes for your audition. You will read from excerpts from the script with other auditionees. The Director may ask you to read in a particular way, to see how you take direction and your interpretation. You may also be asked to sing, move and/or dance, however you do not need to prepare anything, such as a song, for the audition.

Information for ensemble roles auditionees (experienced performers aged 12+)

Auditions for ensemble roles will be conducted in groups of up to 10 people. Allow 30 minutes for your audition.The audition panel will use a variety of games, movement/dancing and script reading to assess auditionees. Please wear clothes that you feel comfortable dancing/actively moving in. 

Please note: We have limited audition slots available, and ask that only those with strong, recent stage experience who are available for all rehearsal and performance dates request an audition. Please print and complete the audition form, and bring it with you to auditions. Arrive about 10-15mins early to ensure you are relaxed and not late. We want to see you at your best at auditions, so try to relax and enjoy yourself, however remember you will also be assessed during auditions on your conduct, behaviour and how you work with others. Disruptive behaviour may result in you being asked to leave the audition and not be considered for the production. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be on the audition panel?

The Director, Choreographer and Producer.

When will call-backs be held?

Tuesday 24th October.

When will I find out if I am successful?

We will email all auditionees, whether you are successful or not, by Wednesday 25th October.

Can my parents/sibling/best friend watch me audition?

No, however parents/guardians will be able to ask questions of the production team at the auditions.

Why are the audition panel writing during my audition?

The audition panel will be seeing many people during the audition period. They are making notes about your potential, performance, ability, suitability, etc. to remind them when it comes to casting. These notes are confidential.

What should I wear/bring to the audition?


·         Loose, comfortable and appropriate clothing that you can move in (not jeans). Layers are useful!
·         Shoes that are suitable for movement and dancing (i.e not thongs).


·         Your completed audition form.
·         A filled water bottle.

I’m not available on the audition dates. Is there another time I can audition?

The listed dates are the only times we will be holding auditions.

I’m an adult with some stage experience. Can I audition for an ensemble role?

Yes, we are looking for experienced performers for ensemble roles aged 12 and up, including adults.

My ten year old son/daughter has done some theatre classes, and would love to be involved. Can they audition?
Due to limited audition slots, and the nature of the production, we are looking for experienced performers aged 12 and up. Ickle Pickle hopes to offer theatre training for younger performers in the near future!

My parent/sibling/family friend is interested in helping with the production. How could they assist?

Fantastic! Please mention it at the time of booking an audition or at any point during the rehearsal period. There are many ways of being involved in a show, working under our experienced Production Team leaders. e.g. crew, costumes, photography, sourcing props, front of house, set construction, lighting, sound, painting, etc.

How do I book an audition?

Email your name, age and whether you’re auditioning for a lead or ensemble role to This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it   with your preferred audition day (Sunday or Monday) if you're auditioning for a lead role. We will advise you your audition time, and will send you the audition form and other relevant information