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"Christmas Dreaming" 


 A brand new production premiering at the National Gallery of Australia.

Two of the Canberra regions' most innovative and original production teams join forces in this collaboration, commissioned by the National Gallery of Autralia for their popular annual Children's Christmas party.
A group of Canberra school children are on an excursion to the Warrumbungles, when their bus breaks down. While they are waiting for help, they encounter a number of Indigenous Australians who teach the children about Indigenous culture and beliefs, as well as different ways of celebrating Christmas. 
Featuring the trademark humour and production skills associated with Ickle Pickle Productions. Combined with the vibrant dance and traditional song of Duncan Smith and Wiradjuri Echo's, this is an imaginative and entertaining show suitable for all ages.




Saturday 15th December, 11am

James O Fairfax Theatre, National Gallery of Australia.


 Christmas Dreaming

Photo By Anne Murn


Cast and Crew

For Ickle Pickle Productions

Miss MacGillycuddy
Maddie Pottinger
Mr MacKenzie
Peter Fock
Sarah Clare Sheehan
Grace Connelly
Olivia Connelly
Rebecca De Costa

For Wiradjuri Echo's

Duncan Smith
Teaka Smith
Dylan Smith
Bevan Smith
Nakiya Smith
Jakida Smith
Lorraine Tozer

Production Team

Conceived, Written and Directed by
Justin Watson, Jennifer Maclean & Duncan Smith
Original music by Duncan Smith & The Wiradjuri Echo's
Set Artwork Cassandra Nicholson
Props Anne Murn
Sound Design / Visualisation
Nick Brightman
Lighting Operator
Josh Leach
Photography David Haworth & Nick Brightman
Thanks To.. NGA Staff & David Haworth
Christmas Dreaming
Photo By Anne Murn