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Robin Hood



Robin Hood and his Merry Men have moved away from illegal forms of philanthropy due to heightened security concerns and branched into charity work. The Sheriff, and his assistant Lauren Order, are still after Robin Hood, officially because of his shady past. Unofficially the Sheriff wants to lock up Robin Hood because the Sheriff wants to marry Lady Marion. Lady Marion is secretly in love with Robin Hood. Robin Hood is secretly in love with Lady Marion. Robin Hood and his Merry Men seek out Friar Tuck for advice. Friar Tuck is an Elvis-impersonating-marriage celebrant in his spare time. Much mayhem and madness ensues, resulting in an archery competition to see who will marry Lady Marion. And everyone lives happily ever after… or so you would think.




Tuesday 15th 11am and 7pm     Tuesday 22nd 11am and 2:30pm

Wednesday 16th – 11am and 2:30pm     Wednesday 23rd – 11am and 2:30pm

Thursday 17th – 11am and 2:30pm     Thursday 24th – 11am and 2:30pm

Friday 18th – 11am and 7pm     Friday 25th – 11am and 7pm

Saturday 19th – 2:30pm     Saturday 26th – 2:30pm


 Ickle Pickle Productions is pleased to announce that this production was 100% Carbon Neutral (a first for Canberra amateur theatre).

With a proportion of ticket sales going towards offsetting our carbon footprint.

Cast and Crew


Robin Hood
Oliver Bailey
Will Scarlet
Pierce Jackson
Maid Marion
Elizabeth Ellis
Maid Madeline
Clare Sheehan
The Sheriff
 Peter Rousell
Lauren Order  Nicola Grear
Friar Tuck / Sheik Yabooty  Dave Smith
LittleJohn Little
 Matthew Hardy
BigJohn Little
 Ben Hardy



 Orly Abernethy
Rachel Leach
Eliza Allen Jenny Maclean
 Courtney Blanch
Carolyn Pearson
Aleesha Boye Teagan Ricketts
Maddison Catlin Orelle Rosenberg
Grace Connelly
Tamar Rosenberg
Olivia de Carvalho Anneka Vandervelde
Bronwyn Edwards Natalie Whalley
Kate Furguson
Courtney White
Ruby Harford Hannah Williams
Talisha Jackson  


 Production Team

Justin Watson
Ely Taylor Assistant Director
Adam Bluhm
Musical Director
Hannah McFadden Choreographer
Fiona Leach Costume Designer

Fiona Leach, Julie Ricketts, Meagan Leach, Kaye Clayton,

Sue Bailey, Jane Bailey, Annie Leach, Katherine Allen

Sewing Guild
Wayne Shepherd & Justin Watson Set Design

Pete Fock, Jenny Maclean, Justin Watson, Kaye Clayton, Rachel and Sarah Simek, Wayne Shepherd, Nick Brightman, Julie Ricketts

Set Construction
Anne Murn
Production Manager
Nick Brightman Technical Manager
Kaye Clayton Stage Manager
Sarah Simek, Jaime Isfahani, Anita Davenport, Julie Ricketts Stage Crew
Peter Fock Production Assistant
Sarah & Rachel Simek Props
Christine Forbes Voice Coach
Justin Watson
Lighting Design
Nick Brightman Sound Design
Claire Connelly Program & Poster Design
Coralie Wood, Justin Watson, Anne Murn Publicity
Nick Brightman Photography
Peter Fock, Anne Murn "Carbon Cops"


Adam Bluhm Piano & Saxaphone
Bart Black Guitar & Harmonica
Gabe Trew Drums
Dave Smith Bass