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Red Riding Hood



It is getting close to Christmas, and the workers at Granny’s Goody Factory are busy producing sweets, treats and lollies. However, Granny Hood is having a spot of industrial relations trouble, and with all the demand for her products, she is not sure she will fill the orders in time. Despite the assistance of her grand daughter, Red Riding Hood, and the ever-practical financial advice of Martin from Accounts, she needs more help.

They summon the Magic Fairy of Marketing, who with the aid of some magic produces three management consultants, who just happen to be white, blind and mice.

Despite the Three Blind Mice’s best attempts at reorganisation, the process does not improve. There is only one option left for Granny. She will have to go and ask her major competitor Wolf Jackman, who runs Wolf Jackman’s Cheap But Tasty Sweet Stuff, and see if he will sub-contract some of the work.

Unfortunately, Wolf Jackman and his evil assistant, Crookwell have been indulging in a bit of illicit electronic surveillance, and are all ready for Granny’s arrival. They capture her with a view to keeping her out of the Goody market. However, not content with just capturing Granny, Wolf Jackman has a more sinister plan. He has produced Three Evil Robotic Blind Mice, whom he dispatches to Granny’s Factory to wreak havoc and mayhem.


14th December - 11am.
15th December - 11am & 7pm.
16th December - 3pm & 7pm.
17th December - 3pm & 7pm.
19th December - 7pm.
20th December - 3pm & 7pm.
21st December - 3pm & 7pm.
22nd December - 3pm & 7pm.

At Belconnen Theatre
Cnr Chandler St and Swanson Court Belconnen


Cast and Crew


Red Riding Hood
Kat Brand
Granny Hood
Dave Smith
Wolf Jackman
Peter Rousell
Jaime Isfahani
Martin from Accounts
Anna O’Leary
Good Fairy of Marketing
Josie Dunham
Michael Mouse
Jennifer Maclean
Stewart Mouse
Erin Cassidy
Gerald Mouse
Irena Reedy
Evil Robotic Blind Mouse 1
Grace Connelly
Evil Robotic Blind Mouse 2
Rebecca DeCosta
Evil Robotic Blind Mouse 3
Clare Sheehan


Eliza Allen Kaitlyn McMenamin-Bye
India Bethke Paige McDonald
Cassandra Cullen Nick Matthews
Laura DeCosta Josie Plane
Bron Edwards  Ashton Riley
Daniel Eiszele Marcus Ryan
Maddie Ellacott Jenny Thomson
Simone Ellacott Sarah Thomson
Jess McFarland Anneka Van Der Melde
Aleesha McMenamin-Bye

Production Team

Justin Watson
Adam Bluhm
Musical Director
Vicky Allen Choreographer
Peter Fock
Stage Manager
Fiona Leach Costume Designer
Nick Brightman Technical Manager / Sound Operator
Anne Murn
Wayne Shepherd
Set Designer
Claire Connelly
Poster Design
Josh Mahony
Assistant Stage Manager
Josh Leach
Lighting Operator
Luke O'ConnorBackstage Crew
Nick Brightman & Alex RogersPhotography


Adam Bluhm
Bart Black Bass
Peter MacDonald Percussion